Figure-Stax (Set of 5)

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Figure-Stax are a new innovative way to display your collection. The universal stand easily slides into all Figure-Stax configurations. The stand includes a foot holster that fits most 1/12th to 1/10th scale figures. The sliding mechanism keeps the stands in place making figures tumbling and dominoing you shelf a thing of the past!Figure-Stax are hollow to allow for accessory storage. Keep your accessories close to their respective figures and stop worrying about which accessory bin they got thrown into.

All Figure-Stax bases can slide into one another to customize height. The modular nature of Figure-Stax allows you to customize your shelf to your needs.

This set includes five (5) Figure-Stax in the following heights:

  • 1 cm
  • 2 cm
  • 3 cm
  • 4 cm
  • 5 cm

Each Figure-Stax in this set measures at 8 cm length and 5 cm width.

The lengths of Figure-Stax are designed to keep you figures lined up properly standing straight without arms crossing over each other.  The following lengths are suggested for the following lines

  • 8 cm - Marvel Legends, G.I. Joe Classified, McFarlane DC Multiverse, Larger Mafex
  • 7 cm - Star Wars Black Series, Indiana Jones, Smaller Mafex
  • 6 cm - S.H. Figuarts, Figma, other import figures

To calculate how many Figure-Stax will fit your shelves, check out the Figure-Stax Calculator

Figure-Stax are FDM 3D Printed in PLA. Color may very from pictures.

Prints will come with printed supports. Customer must remove supports before being able to use Figure-Stax. Recommended tools include pliers and files. Please use caution and wear proper eye safety glasses when removing supports. Wear a mask when filling down PLA