Small Guns Pack

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NOTE: This item is a pre-order item for Batch 3. Pre-Order items close orders on January 31st. Production will begin once pre-orders close. Batch 3 ETA April 2022.

Now available in 7 inch scale.

It's not the size, it's how you use it. The Small Guns Pack includes 12 guns. Save over $10 versus ordering separately. Free shipping included.

Bundle includes the following:

  • 2, Uzi Long Clips
  • 2, Uzi Short Clips
  • 2, MAC-10
  • 2, Desert Eagle
  • 2, Glock 21
  • 2, SIG Sauer

Item 3D printed with resin. Spray painted for less chipping. Smaller details hand painted.

Items are durable but not unbreakable. It is advised you head up your figures hand's with a hair dryer or warm water for a few seconds before trying to fit accessories into them. Adding heat makes the figure plastic easier to work with.

Most orders ship US First Class $4, or free for orders over $25 (US Only). International shipping available around  $15 (USD).

Action figures not included.